[kræk] verb I
1) [I/T] if something cracks, or if you crack it, a line or long narrow hole appears on its surface, but it does not break into pieces
The ice was starting to crack at the edges.[/ex]
I dropped a plate and cracked it.[/ex]
2) [T] to break something open in order to get what is inside
Crack the egg open with a knife.[/ex]
3) [I] to make a short loud noise like a small explosion
Thunder cracked overhead.[/ex]
4) [T] to accidentally hit a part of your body against something with a lot of force
Dad fell and cracked his head against the door.[/ex]
5) [I] to say or do things that you would not normally say or do, because you are very tired or because someone is threatening you
She won because her opponent cracked under the pressure.[/ex]
6) [I] if your voice cracks, it goes higher and lower in a way that you cannot control
7) [T] to solve a complicated problem, or to find the answer to a mystery
Detectives believe they can crack the case.[/ex]
crack a jokeinformal to tell a joke[/ex]
get crackinginformal to start doing something or going somewhere immediately[/ex]
sth is not all it's cracked up to beinformal used for saying that something is not as good as people say it is[/ex]
- crack down
- crack up
- crack (sb) up
crack */[kræk]
1) [C] a line on a surface where something is beginning to break apart
cracks in the walls[/ex]
2) [C] a narrow opening between two things
She looked through the crack in the curtains.[/ex]
3) [C] a sign that an organization, relationship, or plan is becoming weak
Cracks had started to appear in their marriage.[/ex]
4) [C] a short loud noise
5) [C] informal
an attempt to do something
We thought we'd have a crack at running our own business.[/ex]
6) [C] informal
a rude or insulting joke about someone or something
7) [U] a pure form of the illegal drug COCAINE
at the crack of dawn — extremely early in the morning[/ex]
slip/fall through the cracks — to not be helped by a system that is designed to help you[/ex]
crack [kræk]
very skilful as a result of being trained well

Dictionary for writing and speaking English. 2014.

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